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 forrest's stats:
   Name: forrest
   Gender: Male
   Age:  41 years old
   From: Fowlerville, MI United States
   Last login: 11/29/13
   VegSpace Friends: 45
   Member since: 10/14/2005
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Personal Interests
Personal Website
Favorite musicfantomas, tool. black rebel motorcycle club, swans, mr. bungle, the melvins, ac/dc, angels of light, young heat attack, the jesus lizard, tomahawk, isis, the secret machines, the darkness, autolux, supergrass, big business, tori amos, led zepplin, pink floyd, interpol, the cure
Favorite movies/tvhedwig and the angry inch, insomnia (not the remake), amelie, fight club, deleicatessen, i stand alone, what's eating gilbert grape, irreversible, the game, my life as a dog, my own private idaho, heat, sexy beast, jesus' son, rushmore, punch drunk love, read my lips, twin falls idaho, life aqutic, auto focus, noi albino ifc channel, family guy, simpsons, south park, the venture brothers
Favorite bookssarah, the consumer, survivor, geek love, american psycho, chemical pink
Looking fora sexy party!

Professional Info
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About Me

Well I've skateboarded most my life and plan on doing for the rest of it. I'm pretty good at it, I'm not (insert your favorite skaters name here) or anything but I give it my best. Never wanted to go pro (though AM would have been fun), even if I had the skills, it's not what I'm interest in at all. All I've ever wanted since I started was to simply skate. I liked being places I shouldn't be at when no one's around. When I was a teenager I would sneak into places that were either off limits or after hours. Like the hospital, schools, churches, and other places like that. I don't know exactly why I did it but it seemed to center me in a way. I sometimes miss it from time to time. I've never drank, done drugs, or smoked, I've never saw the point. I also wont date anyone that does any of the fore mention things. I'm not being a snob, I have date girl's that did do one or two of those things and it never worked out. I hate winter. The only good thing about that time of year is that Whole Foods puts out their vegan pumpkin pies, yum! When I was a kid my mom had to make three pies for thanksgiving, two for me and one for dinner. By Thanksgiving morning my two pies would be gone and my mom would have to fight me off from starting in on the third.
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I would like to meet
like minded people

howell, mi


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January 27, 2009
Hello. :)

January 20, 2008
They sound like evil, uninspired, bastards to me.

January 20, 2008
Melvins, Big B., Kyuss, All things Mike Patton. IMHO you have excellent taste in Music.

*~ .. Charlotte .. ~*
December 31, 2007
ooo alright yeah, so whats wrong with marmitee????

n yeh not alot what about you?

December 02, 2007
I want to move to California for college, after i graduate.

December 02, 2007
Im pretty good.
Really cold at the moment.. lol.

December 02, 2007
thanks for adding me.
how are you?

Deleted Profile
November 15, 2007
well idk whats up in SD but here they have a few vegan chocolate...chocolate chip.....sugar....lemon....but not a whole lot.

Deleted Profile
November 14, 2007
Hahaha, I love Whole Foods vegan pumpkin pie too...whole foods is awesome huh

Deleted Profile
September 23, 2007
wait? does my page say I live in the UK? That's weird, I live in Canada lol. I better change that. :p

Deleted Profile
September 23, 2007
Not much, tv and stuff.

Deleted Profile
September 23, 2007
hey, whats up?

September 23, 2007

September 13, 2007
im good, The German town still sucks balls. lol

I never liked this place....

My dog is EATING MY FEET at the moment! it hurts. lol
and that is all.

*~ .. Charlotte .. ~*
September 11, 2007
haha o yeahh, what do you mean 'u saw i missed marmite' ??? where did it say that?

*~ .. Charlotte .. ~*
September 11, 2007
haha aww whyy? whats wrong with marmite?
and yes im good thanks :) you?

August 26, 2007


August 17, 2007

Yea going on roadtrips would be fun, me and my friend wanted to do that a little while back ago. BUt it's expensive so its going to take some saving.

I like video games. My bf has a 360. We play halo 2 alot. but thats pretty much the only game we play anymore. lol

Its not to hard being veg up here. We have Jojo's natural food market. And i live off alot of fruits and veggies, which i can find at all grocery stores.
What about you?

August 05, 2007
Yeaaaa it's alright.. you can sayyy it..


Mk, now that i cleared that

Yea, there is a skatepark here, it's by Jets pizza. Thats where i use to hang out alot, cause alot of my friends used to be up there...

and yes, it's the stupid German town.. This place is dumb, and there isn't anything to doooo..


Do u play video games at all?

August 04, 2007
yeaa gaylord.. it sucks

Well, i don't skateboard.. heh, tried a few times. Nearly killed myself, gave it

I pretty much just hang around thats about the only thing i have been doing my whole life....

You been to Gaylord?

August 02, 2007
hello there. My name is Bianca. Im new to this site. and im just trying to meet new people and such. So how are things? what do u like to do?? lol..


*~ .. Charlotte .. ~*
July 10, 2007
ohh okay, cool. yeah i havent been up to much, school holidays at moment so yeah they're fun.

*~ .. Charlotte .. ~*
July 05, 2007
helloo :) thanks for the add!
what u up too?
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