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   Name: Miyazawa
   Gender: Not Specified
   Age:  Not Specified
   From: Not Specified
   Last login: 07/19/07
   VegSpace Friends: 15
   Member since: 10/07/2005
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Personal Interests
About mepainting, drawing, pottery, poetry, oragami, creativity in many forms, compassion and nurturing, sleeping with the windows open in the autumn or when it's raining, self-expression, obscure discussions, dancing, good beer, cooperative cooking, midnight bike riding, being kind to animals!
Favorite musicto name a few: Misfits, Angry Samoans, Beethoven, DJ Tiesto, George Acosta, Agony Column, Merchants of Venus, Death From Above 1979, silly songs, the Smiths, Hickoids, de la Soul, Minor Threat, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong, Louis JOrdan, the Butthole Surfers, Bob Marley, the Carpenters, Suicidal Tendencies, ABBA, the Vandals, Janis Joplin, Scott Joplin, Danny Elfman, Schoolhouse Rocks, the Gits and thus Evil Stig, Man or Astroman?, BT, the Style Council, old Metallica, SNFU, Sublime, Mudhoney, Rancid, Billy Bragg, the Rev. Horton Heat, Kim Lenz and her Jaguars, NOFX, Split Enz, MxPx, Agnostic Front, Chainsaw Kittens, Social Distortion, Ramones, X, Morrissey, 4 Strings, Supersuckers, Syrup, grrrrl bands, many versions of *Sing, Sing, Sing*, Lords of Acid, Fishbone, Billie Holiday, Scratch Acid, RITM, Sex Pistols, Shonen Knife, Ultra Baby Fat, DJ Dara, Spacemen, Bauhaus, Rossini, Tigers and Monkeys, Prozaac, FuckEmos, Ferry Corsten, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Motorhead, BB King, David Garza, Cibo Matto...
Favorite movies/tvTee-vee? TV kills conversation - Kill your TV! I do miss the Young Ones, Fawlty Towers and Monty Python...
, Sid & Nancy, Akira, The Pillow Book, Night on Earth, Life is Beautiful, Scratch, Dogma, Napoleon Dynamite, Ghost Dog, Office Space, A Clockwork Orange, Novocaine, The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, Kundun, Team America, Love & Human Remains, Rocky Horror, Polyester, Love & a .45, Earth Girls Are Easy, Jeffrey, Swingers, Goodfellas, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Mi Vida Loca, El Mariachi, Requiem For a Dream, Beetlejuice, La Femme Nikita (but only the subtitled version), Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Dogtown & Z Boys, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Female Trouble, Raising Arizona, The Toxic Avenger, Return of the Living Dead, Heavy Metal, American History X, Basquiat.....and there was this really great kung fu movie that i saw at the Dobie around 1989 that had a character named Long Brow - his snow-white eyebrows would shoot out from his face and ensnare his enemies as they fled from him.. i wish i could remember the name of that movie!
Favorite booksKurt Vonegut, Helter Skelter, Ed Gein: Psycho, Geek Love, Dharma Punx, how-to books, anything about the universe or the brain, 1984, Big Fish, The Witches of Eastwick, Catcher in the Rye, cheesy Michael Palmer stuff, the Vampire series, biographies, The Joy Luck Club, Another Roadside Attraction, P.S. Your Cat is Dead (it always makes me laugh when I'm feeling blah), Ray Bradbury, Stiff, the Narnia Chronicles, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? (!), A Conferderacy of Dunces....
I've traveled tonew york, london, paris, munich... he he Norway!, sweden, denmark, belgium, england, switzerland, france, germany, italy, the philippines, most of the northeastern usa, california, colorado, new mexico, nevada, the dark recesses of my mind...

Professional Info
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About Me
down-to-earth adventurous free-spirit curious Asian persuasion plays piano (not violin!) likes indigo DDR! irises furry creature friend painter (com)passionate resourceful fiercely loyal perlas ng silangan photographer likes to play in mud plays well with others easily-amused easily-bored wander-lust goofball swing and lindy hopper! midnight bike-rider beer-snob spontaneous ice-cruncher inquisitive creative adrenaline-junkie analytical Flip brown baby
i walk too close to cars. i like to gesticulate. i like the word gesticulate. word origins amuse me. black holes fascinate me. i generally don't like people who flirt, online flirting is just as bad. i know more spanish than i do tagalog. i joke that i will marry the person who knows the answer to "que te pasa calabaza?" my favorite colors are indigo and cobalt blue. my favorite color combos are red/black and pink/black. i like the number 9 because of the ancient egyptian belief in its magic (and the schoolhouse rock! segment). glow-in-the-dark things make me smile.

I would like to meet
other creative souls to fly above the earth with... (and share recipes!)

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September 09, 2011

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michael anthony
December 04, 2005
yea the mail here is weirdddd... its alot easier to just leave comments. hmmm... what drives me? i guess a desire to better the quality of life of those around me and to keep myself happy, healthy, making art.

my myspace is........

michael anthony
December 01, 2005
you seem so fun!

October 14, 2005
Hi. Nice to meet you.

October 10, 2005
thx for the add
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