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 Delano's stats:
   Name: Delano
   Gender: Male
   Age:  25 years old
   From: United Kingdom
   Last login: 06/07/08
   VegSpace Friends: 32
   Member since: 03/09/2007
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Personal Interests
About mePartying and Retro Consoles
Favorite musicThe Clash, Bloc Party, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys
Favorite movies/tvClerks. Firefly. Skins. Arrested Development.
Favorite books'A Confederacy of Dunces' - John Kennedy Toole,
I've traveled toParis, France

Professional Info
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 Delano's info:

About Me
Hawright. I'm Delano and I'm an Economics from Edinburgh, Scotland. However, I'm only allowed to brag about that when I actually turn up for classes. Sure, continuing to sleep/getting drunk/getting into poverty is fun, but my Dad might not be happy about me coming back home with £6000 debt and no degree. Apparently, I've also got a Rum dependency. I've no idea how that happened.

I would like to meet
Joe Strummer

Edinburgh, Scotland

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September 23, 2007
long time, no talk.
how's it going!?!?

Erica [Vegetarian]
August 30, 2007
How are you doing??

August 29, 2007
so how are things over in the UK?? lol, im kinda bored in the US...maybe i should move there!

Alicia (vegan)
August 29, 2007
OMG you're Scottish too! yay you!

Alicia (vegan)
August 29, 2007
Hiya Delano! I am very well.... since I became vegan... I have never felt better! Yay me lol. Anyways, how are you?

August 29, 2007
lol, i was kinda wondering the same thing as Kevin! lol

Deleted Profile
August 28, 2007
this is awkward
but whatever
are you gay?

[vegan cupcake]
August 27, 2007
hi hi!! :o) hows you?

August 25, 2007
Heyy! nuthing new going on over here...hbu? lol, im glad im getting more friends on this thing! lol!

August 03, 2007
yeah, that's actually my old list, I have some new ones to add.
I am a huge music fan, it's more or less my life.
What about you? :)

July 23, 2007
Why, of course. I love your optimistic outlook about it, hehe. I don't even know how to replace cheese with hummus or tofu. Once you're done teaching your grandparents, maybe you should come to Canada and teach me, hah! I've had tofutti cheese at a vegan restaurant, though, but I think it's one of those things you have to get used to.
Do you cook for yourself usually?

So how's life been lately?
(Sorry about the slow reply. I've been lazy, tsk, tsk.)
Have a good day. :)

July 16, 2007
Haha, exactly.
I hadn't seen your profile in awhile, so I did only to learn that you became vegan. Congratulations, by the way.
Parents are always the main obstacle, hmph. I hope they learn to accept it, though.

How do you think teaching your grandparents to cook without dairy or eggs will work out?
Some people are completely flustered about the idea, they don't even know where to start.

Hopefully you can pass on the great knowledge.

Summer involves a lot of work and reading, that's about it.
What about you?


July 12, 2007
How's veganism going so far? :D

June 20, 2007
heya :]
not much
its just like 4:30 in the morning
and i cant sleep
how about you?

June 16, 2007
Lol, dont you have a job? =]]
Atleast school is over for you, though!
Are you done all your exams and everything, too?
My school isn't over until Wednesday, but I think over there you start school earlier than us.
School isn't even over yet, but I'm already spending most of my time working. :P Just trying to relax this summer, definitely.

Hope you're well,

June 15, 2007
Hey, it's been awhile.

How's life? =]]

Deleted Profile
June 15, 2007
sounds pretty wicked

nice to meet you too

Deleted Profile
June 15, 2007
well uh, nothing in particular seeing as i'm in high school
but, when i reach college i'm pretty sure i'm either going into environmental sciences or foreign languages

Deleted Profile
June 15, 2007
haha, yeah, i'm glad
pretty exciting,,lol

no, i've got nothin but honors classes and a summer college course, so i've got no time for work this summer

Deleted Profile
June 15, 2007
very cool very cool
summer is definitely here for us
it was about 85 degrees today, a little unexpected but nice anyhow

where do you work?

Deleted Profile
June 15, 2007
lol, very true =)

not much is happening actually,,just got out of school today so thats pretty awesome
cross country summer camps start next week, thats basically it


Deleted Profile
June 15, 2007
thanks for the add
i felt a wee bit retarded w/just 2 friends

May 31, 2007
You're right, but it's so easy to procrastinate. :P It's better to unwind, too. But of course, you've gotta do it at the right time just so it doesn't interfere with studying. >.<

I went to London! Eee, I wanted to go home when we were in the car. I don't like being away from home, that's why I don't think I'll ever be able to move. :P
What about you?
Do you get homesick?

Ahhh, of course school isn't over forever! It's never over.
It's just over extremely soon. 14 school days left. ;D It is oh so exciting.
What about you? When do you get out?

May 30, 2007
i'm doing pretty good.
very bored.
how about you????

May 29, 2007
Yeah, SHOULD be studying, but there are so many better things to do rather than study.

Plus, you just gotta unwind sometimes, so I don't blame you :P

I didn't do anything exciting this weekend. I spent a lot of time travelling and feeling home sick, t'is all, but this weekend's going to be so, so good (or atleast I'm hoping).

I know it's early, but got any plans for this weekend?
School's almost over!

May 26, 2007
Welllll, right now I'm rowing on my school team, but it's over after next weekend, so I'll probably spend most of my time working like you, haha =P

But I'd have to agree that a show is a great place to unwind especially with great friend's and fab bands. =]] I spend most of my time hanging out with my friend's anyway, oo lar lar!

Watcha been doing this weekend?

May 25, 2007
Lol, dunno, I'm just really interested in the culture. Maybe that's it? =P It looks beautiful there, hahaha.
Besides, everyone hates where they live. =P

Waddya do for fun? :)

May 25, 2007
Thanks for the add. =]
How is it in Scotland?
(I've always wanted to live there)

How're you?

April 29, 2007
just thought i'd see how you were doing????
hows that job of yours going???? =)

jasmin xVx
April 17, 2007
not much. just working a bit.
sun is shining, so we have a wonderful day :)
what's going on there?

April 13, 2007
aww, how comes??

jus thinkin too much...?

i was like the opposite from that a while ago, could only stay awake for 5 hours a day...

April 13, 2007

cheers for acceptin

im jus a lil bit of a loner on here

so how u doin??

April 08, 2007

no problem.
nothing to much is up.
whats up with you?

Vegan Stevie
April 08, 2007
Im not too bad. Have been working 2day also and will be tomorrow aswell, unfortunately I don't get paid as it's voluntary work at an animal shelter, but its kool and I enjoy it.

I am working tomorrow morning in my 'paid' job but Im still not sure if Im gonna be getting double time as it's cash in hand. I can only hope!

April 08, 2007
thats a long spring break.

i only got a week for spring break.

i wish i had a month of spring break.

oh well, just one more month of school, and then it'll be summer.

April 08, 2007
i see. that must be awkward getting embarassing questions.
i need to get a job.

are you on spring break right now????
today is my last day of break, and i still havent done anything....i dont wanna go back to school.

April 08, 2007
oh yea, and i'm doing fine.
a little bored though.
just sitting here at the computer, and reading a book....i've got such a boring life. =)

April 08, 2007
yea, its about 3:45 in the morning.
i cant sleep though....i'm not quite sure why.
what time is it there????
where do you work????

April 08, 2007
hey. whats up????

Vegan Stevie
April 07, 2007
Hi mate, thanks for the add.

Hows things?
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