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 Puddin Tater

 Puddin Tater's stats:
   Name: Puddin Tater
   Gender: Male
   Age:  28 years old
   From: Louisville, KY United States
   Last login: 02/26/11
   VegSpace Friends: 158
   Member since: 03/20/2007
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Personal Interests
Personal Website
Favorite music

Something Corporate/Allister/Senses Fail/Bright Eyes/Taking Back Sunday/Brand New/Death Cab For Cutie/Yellow Card/NFG/Mxpx/Cute is what we aim for/Chiodos/Atreyu/Nicotine/Student Rick/Me First and the Gimme Gimmes/Sum 41/Blink 182/Button*Masher/Copeland/The Juliana Theory/The Ataris/Thrice/Thursday/Boys Night Out/The Hoodies/Kill Hannah/Mae/Story Of The Year/the Emmas/And about a billion more bands just ask.

Favorite movies/tv

Donnie Darko/Lucky Number Sleven/Boondock Saits/Origanal Horror films/A Walk To Remember/Seven/How To Deal/Whatever It Takes/Kevin Smith Films/Interview With a Vampire/Not Another Teen Movie/Varcity Blues/Road Trip/The New Guy/Pulp Fiction/Requiem for a Dream/Blow/Edward Scissorhands/What's Eating Gilbert Grape/Bubble Boy/Titanic/Thir13en Ghosts/SLC Punk

Professional Info
 Puddin Tater's latest blog entries:

  so um life is like um dinosaurs and robots. and - [ 04/13/2007 ]

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 Puddin Tater's info:

About Me
Pass the Nugget!

My name is Dean

I am 20 years old.

I am about 6'1" and 145lbs.

I have my own style

Mix tapes are good time killers.

I am very open minded

Girls always seem to find away to break my heart

I always have a catchy song in my head

I am like a dog: feed me , take me out, let me lay in bed with you, rub my head, and i am all yours

I could prob. fit in you're or you're little sisters jeans

I love attention and i'm a whore for getting it

I am easy to get along with

I dont do drugs

I like good mixed drinks

My friends say i am very huggable

I am very open with my emotions

I dont "hate" anyone, just strongly dislike some

I have a 6 string Alveraz(acoustic)

The highlands (coffee shops,cafes,and friends...whats not to love)

The Summit is awesome in the summer

I am a hopeless romantic

I love Sharpies (i like all the pretty colors)

I dont mind when girls pay for our dates,just as long as she knows i got it next time (if there is a next time)

When i say "leave me alone", it means "i need a hugg", i hate being alone or by myself always.

I dont have many friends and the ones i do mean the world to me

anything else you might want to know just ask.

I would like to meet

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♥ Pete Wisdom




Backstage Barbie







ScottySolicitous™-someone willing and desirous to help


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Backstage Barbie
June 19, 2009
You really need to update this thing. It still says you are 20-years-old.

P.S. Thanks for joining my group! <3

June 03, 2009
hi welcome to vegspace i like to meet new people in this a hot girl looking for new chat mate and friends..hi there nice reading your profile.. and i wonder if you wanted to chat with me if ever you wanted to it would be great...

if you willing to know me better just add me in my addie....
see you....hope i can talk to you as soon as possible...
who knows what happens next
im easy to be with
specially when i am interested in a person...
MEANING i am interested in you... if your interested to
just hit me back and lets make our day unforgettable ;)

Show Compassion
January 13, 2009
Check out this great band:

Fiction Family - When She's Near from ATO Records on Vimeo.

andi luckey
November 13, 2008
hey whats good

Emily. =]
October 30, 2008
nothinggg bored at school this is like the only site thats not blocked =P

Emily. =]
October 21, 2008

Kelsey Kay
September 23, 2008

Kelsey Kay
September 23, 2008
aw im sorry...
i would but i wouldnt get to see u and i have a bf

Kelsey Kay
September 17, 2008
Pretty good myself :)
just been spending time with my boyfriend :D

Kelsey Kay
September 12, 2008
its been awhile how are you?

August 07, 2008
Wow you have a market in your mall?! Thats neat! Haha but yea thats a good point

August 06, 2008
Oh... if the stores are closed, who'd wanna hang out at the mall?
Unless they needed a place to crash lol

August 06, 2008
haha thats original
wow is the mall open 24 hours?
pretty much everything except.... anything i'd wanna do is open 24 hours :/

Scary Scotty
August 04, 2008
Hi there, how are you doing?
I'm Scotty.

Dr. Foxcastle
August 03, 2008
:D Hey what's up?

July 30, 2008
So whats up?

July 28, 2008
Hi, my name is Skyler.
Thanks for accepting:)

Emily. =]
June 12, 2008
heyy sexayyyyy ;]

June 01, 2008

Deleted Profile
April 18, 2008
y hello 20 yr old chirs

Mary Melancholy
April 04, 2008
just slowly dying from boredoms all.....what r u up to?

Mary Melancholy
April 04, 2008
hello there how are you today?

[V] (For Vegan)
April 03, 2008
haha yeah i am normally either on myspace or just chilling around on my computer.
my favortie thing though must be photoshop.
that is fun.

[V] (For Vegan)
April 03, 2008
that must be an old picture of you your myspace pic has short hair.
but it looks good =D

[V] (For Vegan)
April 03, 2008
i'll add you on my myspace.

April 02, 2008
that sounds fun, I guess, lol.

April 01, 2008
Where do you work?

[V] (For Vegan)
March 30, 2008
i think there aren't many people on here because not many people know about this site
but it is just a thought.
maybe you should update your profile.
i update my myspace like.. .once a year... sometimes.

March 30, 2008
Actually, Andrew is pretty hot, lol.
I'm pretty fantastic.
Kind of bored.
What are you up to?

March 30, 2008
You remind me of this kid I know named Andrew.
But anyway, how are you? =P

[V] (For Vegan)
March 30, 2008
yeah there are a lot more vegetarians than i thought would be on here.
though a lot of them haven't been online in like freaking forever lol.

[V] (For Vegan)
March 28, 2008
yeah really
i have a myspace too.
but like none of my friends are vegetarian.
so i decided to meet some vegheads lol.

Kelsey Kay
March 28, 2008
oh okay.
where do u work?

Kelsey Kay
March 28, 2008
im pretty good myself :)
im at school. so yeah
its just so boring here.

Kelsey Kay
March 28, 2008
Hey there.
im Kelsey;
how are you?

[V] (For Vegan)
March 27, 2008
lol really
i went to the chat room
i was the only person in there lol
i must be the only person awake at 12:30 in the morning.

[V] (For Vegan)
March 27, 2008
yeah pretty good
bored as hell
no one is online on myspace
and i just signed up for vegspace.
so dont really have many friends yet.

[V] (For Vegan)
March 27, 2008
'ello how you doing?

March 15, 2008
oh ok, well thats cool i guess.

March 14, 2008
hmm, well let me know if there is another one sometime, and if i am not busy i'll try to come.
do you go to college?

Nicole'S Is Money Too!
March 13, 2008
that's good to hear
im doing ok, just waiting for spring break and such!
Thanks for asking

March 13, 2008
they have veg rallys here? i didn't know that.

Nicole'S Is Money Too!
March 12, 2008
how are you?

<3nicole lynn

March 12, 2008
well, i'll remember you said that, and hold you to your word lol

March 12, 2008
oh lol, well i dont know where jmall is. i just moved here like 2 years ago in june, and i still don't know where a lot of things are.
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