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 princess cydney

 princess cydney's stats:
   Name: princess cydney
   Gender: Female
   Age:  Not Specified
   From: Not Specified
   Last login: 10/29/10
   VegSpace Friends: 107
   Member since: 10/10/2005
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Personal Interests
About mesmiling, mini obsessions with random things, friedrich nietzsche, being nice, baking, dancing, real friends, good times.
Favorite music

Favorite booksreading: zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

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About Me
live your life Pictures, Images and Photos
"all good things are wild and free."
young and in love.

I would like to meet
met him.

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Shit fuck shit





straight outta compost





jasmin xVx


[[♥]] LI(F)E

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January 18, 2012

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June 26, 2009
hey sexy how you been???

Deleted Profile
March 24, 2009
baha, yes, something like that. wanna come? ;)

Deleted Profile
March 20, 2009
hah yeah.. i wish it could be like that..

Deleted Profile
March 18, 2009
ooh, funnn! i'm alright. been better though. got laid off last week. so that's a bummer and stressful.. i'll survive though.

Deleted Profile
March 18, 2009
that sounds interesting :)

hahhahaha i'm pretty sure that you smell nicely ;) i like that

take care :B

Deleted Profile
March 14, 2009
heya, hope you've been well :)

Deleted Profile
March 12, 2009
that's sounds not cool :S

but hey! you must do laundry girl h8aha nobody like dirty panties hahahaa

were do you work?

un abrazo :)

Deleted Profile
March 10, 2009
that sounds great mija ;)!

hmm about me .. i got back from taking care of my grandma ... i need to relax a little so i think i'll call some friends and do something tonight ... you know ...

tell me something about ya

PD: nice "casa" detail ;)


Deleted Profile
March 08, 2009
hey mija how are you?

Stephen Quinn
March 03, 2009
can i have you ? :)

Deleted Profile
January 25, 2009
i'm trying to wrap my head around the fact you are (were, at this point) actively listening to music and watching a movie. crazy shit

Deleted Profile
January 25, 2009
hey what's up

December 18, 2008
that sounds mega harsh!! i had to work nyd b4 got like triple pay tho so was kinda worth it, but it wasnt fun at all!!

December 18, 2008
its goin pretty good ta,
just mad chill till xmas is over haha
how bout u??

Deleted Profile
December 16, 2008
hi. i lost my password, but im back..
how've you been!??

December 11, 2008
i dont think ive said hello to you yet do hi :) hope your well.

Deleted Profile
November 09, 2008
your profile doesn't say where you reside..
you have it hidden!?

Deleted Profile
November 09, 2008
yeah.. i rep portland.. where you at?

Deleted Profile
November 09, 2008
no.. it just means you saw me on vegspace, and decided to say whats up!! how are you?

Deleted Profile
November 08, 2008
thanks for finding me..

Deleted Profile
November 04, 2008
back when it was true. :(

October 17, 2008
Yeah, im a bit of a horror movie freak. Whats up?

September 19, 2008
im just dandy. working and living.

September 16, 2008
well. in any case. youre probably right. we could be twins in some way.

how is your life?

September 16, 2008
haha. why do you say that?

July 31, 2008
Hello there

July 29, 2008

[[♥]] LI(F)E
June 18, 2008

loved you way.
before that.

[[♥]] LI(F)E
June 14, 2008
i love you.

March 05, 2008
you're the worst.

you might be the best, though.

February 20, 2008
im alright. kinda bored!

February 19, 2008
heyy whats up?

Celeste Cupcake
February 14, 2008
thats cool.
celeste is pretty much an amazing name.

Celeste Cupcake
February 13, 2008
thats strange.
i dont know alot of celestes.

February 04, 2008
Thats so cool

I aspire to be vegan

I think im going to make the change this summer

February 03, 2008
Im alright.

So are you vegeratian or vegan?

February 02, 2008

how are you?

Deleted Profile
January 28, 2008
What means this?

January 24, 2008
nice. do you know what you want to major in? i did the college thing but i dont know...i'm not ready for that. so i just work all the time and tour as often as i possibly can.
i work at a gun shop ( :( ) during the day and at fedex at night. i just got home from work a few minutes ago. time to eat and go to sleep and do the whole thing again tomorrow!

Deleted Profile
January 23, 2008
You hung up on me. :(

January 23, 2008
Just stopping in to say hi and to steal a few tracks for my player. *smirks* Welcome to my little list of friends.

♥ Pete Wisdom
January 22, 2008


Well thats good. Eh mine's alright. I used to be crazy busy over the Holidays, and now that its slowed down alot, I still feel like I need to be doing stuff. So its good and bad. I get time to relax and such, but I'm not making any money because of it. Oh well, take it as it is and enjoy it. Anything exciting in your life?

<3 Pete

♥ Pete Wisdom
January 22, 2008


Hows life treatin you?

<3 Pete

Deleted Profile
January 20, 2008
You think so?

Or are you just being mean. :(

Deleted Profile
January 17, 2008
Sup, babe!?

January 14, 2008
working like 70 hours a week for the past three months or so. haven't been able to run my record label the way i would have liked because of it :(
whats going on with you?

Deleted Profile
January 09, 2008
Hiya! How have you been?

January 01, 2008
hey. long time no talk
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