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 C a s sEASY!

 C a s sEASY!'s stats:
   Name: C a s sEASY!
   Gender: Female
   Age:  26 years old
   From: United Kingdom
   Last login: 05/18/08
   VegSpace Friends: 16
   Member since: 04/24/2007
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Personal Interests
Personal Website
About mePhotography - Veganism - gigs - music - kitsch - vintage and antiques - comics - the environment - socialising - art - comedy
Favorite music*A Static Lulllaby*At The Drive- In*Aereogramme*Alexisonfire*Anemic*Anatomy of a Ghost*Arcade Fire*Armor for sleep*As Tall As Lions*Atreyu*Avenged sevenfold*Biffy clyro*Bloc Party*Brand new*Bright Eyes*Bullet For My Valentine*Cursive*Damien Rice*Dead Poetic*Death Cab For Cutie*Death From Above 1979*Deftones*Enter Shikari*Every time I die*Firetype*From autumn to ashes**Further seems forever*Futureheads*Gather*Glassjaw*Gym Class Heroes*Hawthorne Heights*Hell is for heroes*Hidden in plain view*Hiding with girls*Interpol*Jimmy eat world*Killswitch engage*Klaxons*Le Tigre*Mae*Matchbook romance*Maximo Park*Million dead*Northstar**Q And Not U*Rage Against The Machine*Rise against*Rival schools*RosesAreRed*Sage Francis*Saosin*Saves the day*Senses fail*Story of the year*Straylight Run*Sunny Day Real Estate*Test Icicles*The Academy Is...*The Bled*The blood brothers*The early november*The movielife*The Used*thisGIRL*Thrice*Thursday*UnderOath*Yeah Yeah Yeahs*Yourcodenameis:milo
Favorite movies/tvMovies - American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Ghost World, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hero, Empire Records, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Kids, Heat, The Wedding Singer, Rushmore, Battle Royale, Ghost in The Shell
TV - Skins
, Family Guy, The Mighty Boosh
Favorite booksI read comics, Uncany X-Men mainly, but some Spiderman and Sin City. Other than that I like the Michael Moore Series and the Thraxas books by Martin Scott, A Million Little Pieces
I've traveled toGreece, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal
, that's it
ClubsMK Vegetarians and Vegans
Looking forA Chat

Professional Info
 C a s sEASY!'s latest blog entries:

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 C a s sEASY!'s info:

About Me

Hi Hi there.

I'm Cassie. I'm 20. I'm vegan. I love it.
I'm at university studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
I like art, photography, food, laughs, film, music, gigs, London, travel, kitsch jewellery, tacky accessories, vintage and antiques, alcohol, nights out, comics, ethical living
I'm really bothered by people who diminish my beliefs, people who are narrowminded, selfishness, super wealth, vanity, greed.
Friends are the world.
I'm newly single, it's a bit weird.
I talk ALOT.
Most Used Phrases
-In a bit silly tit
- Don't be a cunt, recycle that.
And so many more.

I would like to meet
Let's get involved.

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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jasmin xVx










The Crazy Vegan


♥ Pete Wisdom


This charming girl





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[vegan cupcake]
August 12, 2007
oooh now thats a great love some vegan muffins now. :o)

[vegan cupcake]
August 12, 2007
im grand, just enjoying a lazy sunday, yay!! you up to much?

[vegan cupcake]
August 12, 2007
hellooooo....cheers for the add. hope all is well. xox

July 11, 2007
pretty sweet i think.
i'm dreaming of coming over to the UK dude.
i'm in love with it.

July 10, 2007
its okay darling <3
how are you my amiga?

May 21, 2007
not anything fun recently... i got exams until the 21st of June..
no fun for me till then

May 15, 2007
watched it!
thought it was good but the hype was just too much.. it wasn't mind blowing...
its still the best one out of the 3...
aww... harry died.. i was nearly crying...
don't worry about being a comic book geek.. im a geek in general and all my friends love comic books so i get it in my ear about all comics.. specially x-men. :P

May 10, 2007
hopefully get to watch it this weekend.. haha
better late than never eh?

♥ Pete Wisdom
May 08, 2007

Ha ha,

Fair enough.... i have no idea who they are. But they sound interesting. I might have to check them out or something. So.... whats new?

<3 Pete

May 07, 2007
My part of the world.. i like it.. sounds like i own the place...

=] its good... as of now...
Spiderman 3 out like 3 days ago... killing me that i haven't been to watch it yet...

The Crazy Vegan
May 04, 2007
Hi. I'm ... alive. How are you?

♥ Pete Wisdom
May 04, 2007


Ha ha I might know a few names of the bands... humor me!

<3 Pete

♥ Pete Wisdom
May 01, 2007


Well band photography sounds like fun. Do you work with any big name acts or smaller gigs?

<3 Pete

April 30, 2007
hey... thanks for adding me...
had a peek at your profile... laughed so much at " don't be a cunt, recycle that!"

just... haha

♥ Pete Wisdom
April 28, 2007


Photographer eh? So your a band photographer then? Or is that one of those freelance gigs that you got ahold of and you take pictures of everything? Hmmm things and the weather are pretty good in the U.S. Thanks! My nights boring, it consists of nothing. I was going to work, but we don't have to work today.. crazy crazy... ha ha I'm boring.

<3 Pete

sasha&hearts;face says fight global warming
April 28, 2007
My guy and I already have the cd pre-ordered and I guess there is a 36 page booklet to go with it that goes so well with the cd... I am so excited I just cant wait, and I can't wait to see him either!

♥ Pete Wisdom
April 27, 2007


Ha ha yeah, I made a ton of those donuts for friends, some said they liked them, I'm just assuming they are liars. Ha ha ha. Hmmm you make me want to go to London soo bad. So whats new with you? How is life over there?

<3 Pete

sasha&hearts;face says fight global warming
April 27, 2007
If I could afford to I would, I don't really live too close to New York... it's probably 15 hours or a little less away from me... so yeah... can't afford it haha

sasha&hearts;face says fight global warming
April 26, 2007
Don't even get me started on Sage! I love him...

But I love my cell phone company now! They credited $74 back to me and I signed up for unlimited texting so it never happens again... and they backdated it so that the texts I had been sending, I don't have to pay for!

Were you anywhere near the "When a girl write off the world" exhibit?, It's in New York now since it did so well in the UK

♥ Pete Wisdom
April 26, 2007


Hmm I've never been to London. Its on my list of things to do before I die. SO I guess I should get on that in case of those early age unexpected deaths that I'm kinda expecting. Ha ha nah, I didn't mean on a political level, I just assume everyone's doing horrible in that sense. Ha ha. Hmmm made fudge eh? I made like 3 dozen Vegan Donuts yesterday... so I guess we both made something! Thats pretty neat. Well its like 4:20am here and I need a massive amount of sleep, so take care!!

<3 Pete

♥ Pete Wisdom
April 25, 2007


Yep things are swell here I might say. I spend 1/2 of this week going home and visiting friends and family and stuff like that. Hmmm so I must travel back tonight and go back to work and go back to the normal flow of things. How are things on your end of the world?

<3 Pete

sasha&hearts;face says fight global warming
April 25, 2007
Oh gosh, I wish I could say that I am doing swell but my cellular provider is fucking me royally because they had a chick on her first day set my shit up and set something up wrong charging me for 971 text messages and charging me over $200...

oh it's a long story...

Yvonne Paige
April 25, 2007
hey hun, Im well how are you?
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