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 ~*Courtney*~'s stats:
   Name: ~*Courtney*~
   Gender: Female
   Age:  26 years old
   From: Riverdale, MI United States
   Last login: 04/20/10
   VegSpace Friends: 10
   Member since: 05/23/2007
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Personal Interests
About me

Riding in cars with boys
Going to the porn shop
boys who make me smile
Countimg the stars
walking in the park
Smoking and drinking coffee
B movies
good music
Staying late just to see him


Mc Donalds
Fakes and jerks
The cold
Favorite movies/tvMy Fave Movies are.... Young Adam, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Breakfast on Pluto, Fight Club, Anything with Zombies in it, Porn (ie. Pirates), The Secretary, Cruel Intentions, 9 1/2 weeks, A Clockwork Orange, SLC Punk, Trainspotting, The Breakfast Club, The Labyrinth, Girl Interrupted, The Good Girl, Party Monster, Edward Scissorhands, Velvet Goldmine, Spun, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Good Son, The O in Ohio, Bubba Ho Tep, The Little Mermaid, The Nightmare Before Christmas, My First Mister, There's Something About Mary, hair, juno, and ooo so many more T.V.? Sex in the City, Nip/Tuck, CSI: Las Vegas, The Angry Beavers, Aaaah Real Monsters, Beetlejuice, How it's Made

Professional Info
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About Me
I love movies and music. More specificly I love zombie films, independant movies, and comedies. I am a huge fan of Bob Marley, as well as Ziggy. I can listen to almost anything.

I would like to meet
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Edward. . . . aussie 13










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January 27, 2009
Ireland was amazing!!! Ill try to post some photos soon.

January 19, 2009
Oh I am pretty good, got back from being in Ireland, not excited for the spring school semester to start though.

January 08, 2009
Hey there! How are you this morning?

January 07, 2009
i like to think sooo

January 06, 2009
Actually I'm sick, and it's no fun at all. =(

January 05, 2009
thanks. i love music and spend time finding good songs,

January 05, 2009

January 04, 2009
no prob. so watz urp

Edward. . . . aussie 13
January 03, 2009
hey! no worry's . . i love having new friends. and thanks for checking out my pictures, i guess they are OK. (lol) ill make sure i check yours out (againe) and leave some coments for you. talk to you soon! .
your bro0-sif
Eddie Damn Goins

January 03, 2009
It's no big deal. I'm Taylor, how are you?

December 26, 2008
For once actually yeah. My dad is taking me to Ireland. Should be fun. When does college start back up again for you?

December 19, 2008
Hey Courtney hows it going? You have any exciting plans for winter break?

December 09, 2008
Oh why thank you!

December 05, 2008
Eh been better. Really stressed out with the massive amounts of schoolwork and the approaching finals. Are you in college as well?

December 03, 2008
Hi there! Im Sean. Hows it going?
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