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 Kimmy's stats:
   Name: Kimmy
   Gender: Female
   Age:  24 years old
   From: Fontana, CA United States
   Last login: 01/27/10
   VegSpace Friends: 283
   Member since: 10/15/2007
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Personal Interests
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About me

My Elijah
I have the greatest best friend ever!
Even boyfriends can't compete with our friendship.

Professional Info
 Kimmy's latest blog entries:

  Archie Starrrrrr - [ 11/08/2007 ]

  Top Friends - [ 11/07/2007 ]

  This Providence - [ 10/30/2007 ]

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 Kimmy's info:

About Me

i am kim.
im just here breathing oxygen like everyone else.
there are a lot of things i like and a lot that i dont.
im not going to list them all here.
if you want to know just talk to me and find out on your own.
however im not the nicest person so i might not respond.
i only talk to cute people.

i am a perfectionist.
i know what im looking for and wont settle for less.
if you arent what i want then i move on.
im not trying to change anyone.
you are who you are as am i.
AIM SN: littleasiankim

i am the most unforgettable person you'll ever meet.

I would like to meet
Basic Goal in Life:

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October 26, 2012

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I looked up and asked him how he quietly answered: "a dollar."

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October 15, 2012
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July 14, 2012
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June 04, 2010
I completely forgot that vegspace existed. Had that not happened I probably would have responded to your comment in less than 3 years.
I'm livin the dream.

Deleted Profile
May 08, 2009

April 27, 2009
im good! i went to a fall out boy concert last night=] haha how are you?

November 21, 2008
The Almost

October 24, 2008
baby cakes! i miss youuu

Deleted Profile
July 09, 2008
hey how goes it

June 10, 2008
srsly? how'd this happen?!
(: im happy fer chuuu.
im doin pretty good actually (:
getttin ready to go find an apt!

June 04, 2008
heyhey!! how are youu???

June 02, 2008
aww (:
thats good, right?
we've all missed you hella on here (:

May 31, 2008
thats good!
i miss you, your never on anymore!=(
im alright. theres a ton of shit going on right now though.

May 21, 2008
ducky ducky ducky!!!
how are you my dear??

[[♥]] LI(F)E
May 13, 2008
im pretty lame?

aww why thanks.


[[♥]] LI(F)E
May 13, 2008

S(a)lly Tr(a)sh<3
May 09, 2008
hey hey
ive been good
and you?

May 08, 2008
oh snappa!
that's cute.
james is my FWB right now. lol.
i'll message you about this uber amazing boy.

Richard [Is Contagious]
May 08, 2008
I've been pretty good. How's about your amazingly cute self?

May 05, 2008
iv been good.
tomorrow im going to a panic at the disco and a motioncity soundtrack concert after schoool. im excited.
how have you been?

May 04, 2008
not the best. but its not bad.
how are you?

Deleted Profile
May 02, 2008
post break up weekend?
what happened dear?
eh im okay. just found out i have tonsilitis. :/ i think im just gonna get em out. other than that things are okay.
havin boy trouble still and whatnot. but this weekend should be fun. i hope yours is too!

May 01, 2008
how'd he make your weekend?
everything is great for me.
me & james are completely done.
& i've got another boy being AMAZING to me.

Deleted Profile
April 29, 2008
Hey there sunshine! :)
Hows life?

April 24, 2008
aww im sorry darling!
it was good!!!!! i got tanishh=]

April 24, 2008
he's cute :]

April 24, 2008
a) he doesnt wanna go.
b) he doesnt dance.
so i'm taking my friend lindsey.

April 24, 2008
now that sounds like fun.
i'm trying to get this cute boy to go to prom..
but i dont think he's gonna.
(im taking another girl)

April 24, 2008
alright :)

i have prom this weekend.
then i think afterwards a bunch of us are doing a bonfire?
maybe. idk yet.
i'm pretty excited.


April 23, 2008
i'm going to check my email right now.
i'm so sorry.
at least you have a good friend there for you.

April 23, 2008
what happened? :(
are you okay?
aww bby :[

i rearended this bitch. but it's okay.
i'm getting a Bug, (i think/hope)
and james & me got a turtle (Scooter)

April 22, 2008
im going tonight
to see tegan and sara!!!!!!!!!!!

im soooooooo excited.
i love them<3333

April 22, 2008
my weekend was ehhh.
i fucking totaled my stupid ass car.
got my esophagram done.
have 7 pinched nerves in my back/neck.
so. not so good. lol.
i'm over it though :)
how's yours?

April 19, 2008
duckyyy!!!! i miss you.
i went to florida for spring break and we just got back.
what have you been up to?

April 19, 2008
it was good. i just got back from florida. how was yours?

April 16, 2008
sorry i haven't replied.
i don't really come on here anymore.
but you should like text me or something:D

or there's always myspace;]

i've been prettttty good.

i'm pretty stoked for next tuesday.
im gonna see Tegan and Sara:D

April 16, 2008
ily kimmy!

i guess so?
there's actually something i gotta tell chu.
but i'll send that in a message :]

April 16, 2008
yeah im totally falling mad crazy in love with this guy at my school

Deleted Profile
April 15, 2008
chyour welcome! :)
thats good! ahh that sounds so fun! geeze i need to move there.
we don't have like clubs here.
just local shows that i barely get to go to.
ah! you got the hookups lol
hmm The Maine eh? gonna have to check them out!
haha oh shit! how exactly did that go down?[pole incedent]
aw, whens he starting his job?
yay for no work!
i wish i had a job tho, just for the money. well, and something to do.

Deleted Profile
April 15, 2008
i will right when i get home.
[school computers block myspace]

Deleted Profile
April 15, 2008
those pics on ur comments are hella cute! i love that bow one :)

yeah, i hate it. took the fuckin joy out of my days but oh well. maybe we'll find a way to fix it.
well if u really want it to work, it will most likely work. :) it sounds like you two are good so i wouldn't be worryin. ah! thats good! an hours not too bad. pretty much all my relationships are long distance cuz i live 25 min. from town >.< lol
my weekend was pretty good. got to hang w. my best friend that i barely see for a little while. but sunday night sucked [broke up w. bf]
tomorrow should be cool tho, i get to go w. my bros class to the bay for a field trip :)
how about your weekend darlin?

April 15, 2008
you have the most gorgeous hair.
and eyes.
and face.

April 15, 2008
he saw me at the show i guess.
said i was looking good

April 15, 2008
**i posted the same one twice on accident.
the last one was supposed to be this one:

April 15, 2008
my vegspace is acting stupid and won't let me upload pictures anymore...
so here are some new pics of me.
and btw..if anyone wants to help me update my stuff e-mail me and i'll give you my info.
cause it doesn't let me change anything.
**these pics aren't super new.
i took them back when i was visiting my parents house when they lived in Riverside.
but i like them a lot.
so whatever.
plus i haven't used them yet.

this one is new. it's like a week or so old.

so yea i hope you guys like them.

April 15, 2008
haha :D
my ex jesse called me.
he's beautiful.
how're you?

April 15, 2008
aww :)
i'm doing pretty good.
i just went up to HSU <333
mayyyn i love that place.

Deleted Profile
April 14, 2008
yeah, i know im gonna love it but ill also be hella homesick for a while.
ahh that sucks, not for them lol

yeah i can see how that would happen. thats good, i need to get some more self control. one of the things im really excited about is being able to work at like hottopic or whole foods..cuz we don't have those where i live. sucks hella bad.

aw well thats good. whenever i had long distance relationships we barely saw eachother.
yeah trust issues eek. well it sounds like you guys can work it out :)
my last relationship well i like to think its on hold right now cuz like hes younger than me [kinda wierd, but i don't mind] and his mom didn't want us to go out cuz of that [HELLA stupid] and she just MADE us break up. so im hella crushed about that. so lame. neither of us know what to do to change her mind.

April 13, 2008
i dont get on her to often
im just snazzy

April 10, 2008
that should be loads of fun....

i am just trying to plan a suprise party for my friends birthday. i am praying he dosent find out before hand. lol.
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