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 hollywood. 's stats:
   Name: hollywood.
   Gender: Female
   Age:  23 years old
   From: Not Specified
   Last login: 05/27/09
   VegSpace Friends: 339
   Member since: 10/25/2007
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Personal Interests
Personal Website
About me3/4"lobes.snakebites.
wanting:surfacesx3.belly.tongue.bridge?septum. &4tats.
my heart beats in breakdowns.
im teensy tinyyy.
im not who i was,you dont know me.
stay up late,work all day.
texting is my bad habit,get@me.
i flirt like crazy. don't mean a thing,my hearts taken<3
always got on some big ass shades.
&i drive faaast as fuck.
i dont speak to dirty little sluts and cocky ass dicks.


Professional Info
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  masochist.  - [ 04/02/2008 ]

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About Me
the world is ours.

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I would like to meet


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May 26, 2009
what the hell! come on here more!

March 22, 2009
i miss you tooooo baby!=[
what have you been up to???

March 13, 2009
Haha, ^_^
Heeyyyzzz gorgzzz mufffzzz
How are yououz? XD

March 13, 2009
ashley is a beautiful girl=]

whats up? i miss youu?

January 17, 2009
yeah but she has to pay for it because it was her fault! but now i have no car, but im hopefully getting a new one very soon!

January 16, 2009
kill dat bish boo XD

god i love you, you keep me sane.

January 16, 2009
I would totally, :)
But I can't seem to find an add button =[

January 15, 2009
shes so lucky i dont gut her.
i mean common how long has this been going on?

January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009
i love him, he's so cuteee.

January 15, 2009
woo vegspace<3

i feel the memories.

January 13, 2009
yeah im fine. the bitch ran a stop sign though and killed my car=[

January 13, 2009
i will:]
and you did? is he cute and fluffy!?
i got in a car accident yesterday! i went to buy smoothies with my friend and some bitch slammed into me!

December 16, 2008
hey lady, I havent been on here in forever!
how have you been? <3

December 07, 2008
oh thats not fun!
nothingggg! im bored! and its cold and windy here!

December 05, 2008
i know seriously! i miss you like crazyyy! what have you been up to?

November 02, 2008
awe hahah it wasnt that big iof a deal.

November 01, 2008

Deleted Profile
October 22, 2008
dannng i haven't been on here in dayyys! lol
i think ima delete it. i nEver go on here.

October 19, 2008
well it was for possession of drugs and then underage drinking, and then for being drunk in public. ahha

October 01, 2008
hahah well i dont remember=]
i got arrested!!!!!! hahaha

September 30, 2008
im alrightishh.
soooo much has been going on and i feel like i havent told you any of it!

September 23, 2008
dude! i miss talking to you!=[

August 14, 2008
aww yay!
mines good. i went to the mall today and i bought a ton of clothes for back to lame school!

August 13, 2008
hahah i knoww=]
you can text me from that number anytime.
and im glad you got your fries, i didnt want to kick anyones ass! haha

August 06, 2008
haha yay!
hows your week going?:]

August 06, 2008
its great actually!!!!!
how have you been??

August 01, 2008
AWWWWE! i miss youuu!!!!!!!

uhm i still dont have my phone. but im kinda living with my friend amanda and i steal her phone ahah so when i have it i can text you from it!=]

August 01, 2008
i know! im great!
how are you? and where have you been??

Celita [vegantastic]
July 25, 2008
have a great weekend!

<3 celita

Deleted Profile
July 20, 2008
umm my summer is pretty good.
but i probably wont be on the internet for a while.
the only way i can talk to my friends is my cell phone. hahaa
i just got i t back an im so happy. :D

July 10, 2008
so what have you been up to???

S(a)lly Tr(a)sh<3
July 08, 2008
im good.
how are you?

June 29, 2008
my laptop broke=/
so i havent been on here in a while!
i missed everyone!!!!!!

♥ Pete Wisdom
June 26, 2008


I'm alright, can't complain really. I could probably agree with you about being tired and hot. Wait... you're from the Hollywood area right? It's been damn hot lately hasn't it? Well mostly over the weekend. Anyways... have a good one!

...3 Pete

June 22, 2008
i know! we need to plan a hang out day! love you! <3

June 20, 2008
i miss seeing your face everyday and skipping braiders class to get on vegspace and myspace! love you.

jktpq! (Flapjack!?)
June 19, 2008
just take my out of your top shizzz...
i see how it is honey :(

Deleted Profile
June 12, 2008
ah dude! we fuckin tagged the shit out of the school! haha we rule.
well, it all started when we went on the monterey trip and i kinda developed a small crush on him cuz hes just hellla sweet and yeah it just kinda grew and then he made it pretty clear he liked me too so we just kinda slowly got together and its crazy how happy i am. i dunno. i never would have thought of tyler, id just thought of him as a friend. but yee :)

see u tomorrow love!

♥ Pete Wisdom
June 12, 2008



How are you and stuff?

<3 Pete

Deleted Profile
June 11, 2008
ohh yeah that is cool.
yeah i think but i hope not anymore.
i like science i just dont like the dissecting.

Eva, ;D
June 11, 2008
oh hay,
Erm- I'm doing okay.
This thing is mad confusing.
What about you?

June 11, 2008
stressing over yucky finals!
it sucks. i told my couslor in school that i have no motivation to try because he was talking to me about summer school... and he asked me if i was on drugs!? it made my day!

Deleted Profile
June 10, 2008
haha i think like a church camp.
haha you like science??

June 10, 2008
hahah good luck with that!!!!=]
so how was your daY??

Deleted Profile
June 10, 2008
hi spaytan!
what it do beautiful?

June 09, 2008
=O you dont look fat!!!!!
your pretty the way you are!=]

Deleted Profile
June 07, 2008
That is cute.
I love kids.

June 07, 2008
aww...i missed you guys too.
things ended for good between terrance and i.
kinda sucks...but it was my fault.
whatever though we're still friends and i'm with the guy i've been wanting to be with for a while now.
all our friends call carson a home wrecker now.
:]'ve things been with you?!

June 06, 2008
I'm goood.
I don't come on here very often though, lol.
I always forget about this thing for like, weeks at a time.
I kinda wish more people came on here.
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