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 amanda's stats:
   Name: amanda
   Gender: Female
   Age:  22 years old
   From: Deckerville, MI United States
   Last login: 03/04/09
   VegSpace Friends: 48
   Member since: 11/02/2007
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Looking forfriendships and all that cool stuff

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About Me
I enjoy the little things in life. People bring me down. I have met few people that don't and many others that do. People always talk shit. Those who know me for what I'm worth would never do such a thing. If you give up on me, I will give up on you, unless I feel your worth keeping. Please do not waste my time. I value it, so be respectful in that sense. Go ahead and judge me, but I'm better at it. I also value music and art. I draw a lot. I like graphic designing as well. I plan on going to college for both. Eventually I want to move out of Michigan. It'll be great.

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dominique (hearts you!)










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Emily. =]


My name is Wil


Valet of Belial

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Celeste Cupcake
July 03, 2008
happy belated birthday.
my birthday was on the 21st.
its been a while since ive been on.
im pretty good.

Deleted Profile
June 22, 2008
Yes yes very good days indeed.
I haven't been in like almost 2 years though.
Sad face.
But yeah,
you should fer sure go one day.
It's awesom squared!!!

Deleted Profile
June 21, 2008
I go like every summer.
I'm quite certain that I'm not at all sure
what I'd do if I didn't go to Disney World.
And I enjoy feeling like a kid again as well.
That place'll surely do it for you. ;)
Ooh the awesomeness of it.

Deleted Profile
June 20, 2008
I must agree.
Disney is quite important.
I mean hello... Disney World
The most amazing place to be!!
OH yeah... Embrace the awesomeness.

Deleted Profile
June 18, 2008
that sounds like a plan!!!

Deleted Profile
June 18, 2008
Are you kidding me??
Oh my gracious you MUST watch it!!
It's the essence of awesome!!!
I love that movie so much..
Well.. Clearly. Haha. If it's my favorite
movie then it's pretty much self explanitory
that I love it.
But yes.. GO TO IT!!
You must watch it!!!!

Deleted Profile
June 18, 2008
Haha. Well Disney movies rock. I personaly love Sleeping Beauty. Haha.

Celeste Cupcake
June 15, 2008
what is amanda up to?

Deleted Profile
June 11, 2008
Chola. :) What tis up??

Celeste Cupcake
June 05, 2008
i guess i didnt really think of that.

Celeste Cupcake
May 27, 2008
lol thats a better idea.
only if they are males though.

Deleted Profile
May 26, 2008
baby sitting sucks. :(

yeah f prom.. im 2 old anyways. lol.

spencers is deff dandy..

anything new with you?

Celeste Cupcake
May 23, 2008
i know seriously.
those people need to be slapped.

Celeste Cupcake
May 16, 2008
he keeps saying we are going to hang out then at the last minute he cancles and then i dont have plans anymore.

Deleted Profile
May 10, 2008
yeah it probably sucks being stuck home by yourself. im sure you get bored really quick. but its good you have a bro that comes by.

yeah prom. im 21 by my boy is 18 he is a sr in high school. but he didnt get to go to prom. new rules this year. that if your failing one class or have any suspensions you cant go to prom. he is failing one class.. and he dosent even need it.. so he wasent able to go to prom. how gay is that. but oh well. fuck his school.

ive just been working my ass off. i work at spencers in our mall. as a manager. its fun stuff.

Deleted Profile
May 07, 2008
lol seems to be.

so whats new in your life?

Celeste Cupcake
May 06, 2008
my friend shane is an ass.
he keeps being mean to me.
i think we should kill all men.
^^not really though^^

Deleted Profile
May 03, 2008
lol your deff not the only one that thinks that. my mom says the same thing. :)

Celeste Cupcake
May 02, 2008
thats because nothing beats infinity.
your welcome.
thats what im here for.

Deleted Profile
May 01, 2008
thats cool. im a complete metal head. i like speed metal not like main streem stuff. like into eternity, dragonforce, all shall parish, necrophagiest >sp. stuff like that. but thats just the technical stuff. i listen to everything. like incubus is one of my favs. lol . so im a good mix.

Celeste Cupcake
April 27, 2008
your hardcore noodles to the power of infinity.

Deleted Profile
April 26, 2008
nice who is the band? what kinda music do u listen to??

im just chilln its starting to rain here. :(

Deleted Profile
April 23, 2008
hi hi hi thanks for the add. whats up

Celeste Cupcake
April 17, 2008
you think im hardcore noodles.
thats so sweet.
i think your hardcore noodles squared.

Celeste Cupcake
April 16, 2008
thats how i am.
my best friend is making me go though.
i would rather just go see some local band.
its all good though.
we are going to party like hardcore noodles afterwards.

Celeste Cupcake
April 05, 2008
my spring break just ended.
the only good thing is seeing some friends.
im really excited about prom.
its at the end of the month.
im going with my best friend.
are you going to prom?

Celeste Cupcake
April 02, 2008
hey you.
what have you been up to?

March 16, 2008

hey chiquita!
havent talked to you in a lyfetime!



Celeste Cupcake
March 09, 2008
shit happens. gotta try to move on.

Celeste Cupcake
March 03, 2008
other than my bf breaking up with me. no. not really.

Celeste Cupcake
February 27, 2008
honest mistake.

Celeste Cupcake
February 25, 2008
thats stupid. how do you not press it.

Celeste Cupcake
February 21, 2008
i hate the comments.rnthey are being gay.rni can barely make out what your saying.

Celeste Cupcake
February 20, 2008
aww thats cute.rnwe will be each others valentines next year.

Celeste Cupcake
February 16, 2008
mine was actually amazing.
im sorry yours sucked.
we could have been each others valentines.
then it wouldn't have sucked.

Celeste Cupcake
February 14, 2008
thats sucks.
i could never live in a small town.
happy valentines day.

Celeste Cupcake
February 13, 2008
i know what you mean.
i go up to my uncles during the summer.
he lives in a town of like 100 people.

Celeste Cupcake
February 11, 2008
its pretty amazing.

January 22, 2008
To me it seems more genuine, honest.. Even if you're speaking from a hurt place.

I am a hard shell to crack. I also tend to be extremely blunt when interacting with people and sometimes it's too difficult a pill for them to swallow. It's not out of arrogance, it's merely a personality trait I possess...self preservation ya know?

Alright and now on to the fluff..

How was your weekend?

mine was long and uneventful- which was actually a good thing.

January 20, 2008
I found your 'about me' section to be really blunt/ abrasive..I respect that. It's refreshing.

Flippin Scout
January 19, 2008
nothin much just bein sick

dominique (hearts you!)
January 07, 2008
i want to go to washington
[not dc]
they have a pretty sweet music scene there
and art
and other things that i love it's seems
pretty cool

Juvenile Jessica
January 05, 2008
well they're the fags
so what EVA!

Juvenile Jessica
January 04, 2008
it's flippin' badass.
just tell 'em they's mad cause they can'ts be perfoict.
say it with that pronunciation and everything

dominique (hearts you!)
January 04, 2008
hey what's up?
thanks for the add!
ps moving out of michigan is top priority for me too lol

January 04, 2008
good on you for doing it!
wish i could haha :)

Juvenile Jessica
January 04, 2008
what, why?!
OCD is cooooooooool.
hardcore amazing.

January 03, 2008
haha awh; i couldn't stay sober on a new years!!
it's just wrong

January 02, 2008
the normal money clothes c-d's
got a car too, but not allowed it till March
and a new photographers camera
good new year?
can't really remember much of mine =D
must of been good then really

December 31, 2007
haha that's alright; happy new year back!
did you have a good christmas?
get anything exciting
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