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 Monique Morphine

 Monique Morphine's stats:
   Name: Monique Morphine
   Gender: Female
   Age:  22 years old
   From: Lamesa, TX United States
   Last login: 09/12/08
   VegSpace Friends: 34
   Member since: 11/11/2007
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 Monique Morphine's info:

About Me
My name is Monique.
I was born in Americans Finest City, San Diego,California
It will always be my home.
So many memories there,
half my life pretty much.
I really do miss it terribly
i now live in Lamesa Texas,
Such a big difference from the city
I've changed a lot in the past years.
i want to change the world even if its just one persons
Im BI i dont care if you dont like thats fact im not going to
change for you
im very blunt
judge me as you will i could really care less
I'm quiet around new people but
once i get to know you; you cant get me to shut up.
I can be a the nicest person you will ever meet or the
meanest you will ever come across
so you decide how you want me to treat you
I can be very random at times.
I stand up for what i believe in
even if people don't have my back.
I speak my mind.
when i make a promise i don't brake it
Im vegetarian
I love photography and poetry.
want to know anything else just ask me

san diego

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Shit fuck shit






Christopher [quits on the female race]


♥ Pete Wisdom


AARON!! <3


Nick Corbett



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♥ Pete Wisdom
July 28, 2008


It has gone amazingly well so far. Went on vacation to NY and surrounding areas, visiting friends and hanging out. That was lots of fun, now I'm just working more to earn back all that money I spent ha ha. Anything new on your side of things?

<3 Pete

♥ Pete Wisdom
July 15, 2008


I've been good, how about you my dear?

<3 Pete

July 14, 2008
alright well then. i saw you have hellogoodbye on your playlist so you might like a cursive memory..they sound alot like hellogoodbye, same kind of style.

uhmm maybe madina lake? theyre kinda rockish and a few of there songs have a little screamo in them but nothing big.

hmm if you like all time low you would probably like mayday parade or the rocket summer.

oh and maybe carolina liars too.
and idk if you like alternative but 1997 theyre pretty good but their stuff takes some getting used to. you grow to like it the more you listen though
do you want any more or is that good for now??

July 13, 2008
mhm!!!! what kind of music do you listen to?? ill help you find some

July 13, 2008
hahah i noticed!!
well there was a carnival so i was there the past 4 nights... but now its over=[

July 13, 2008
im great! how are you??

June 07, 2008
ahhh me too!
my mom kicked me out like 2 weeks ago and took my phone=/ i want it back!

June 06, 2008
not yet! i cant wait till i am though! one more week=] and then exams for another week after that=/ haha oh welll

June 05, 2008
i knowww!!!!!
im good at the moment! how are youu??

April 27, 2008
oh i know!
im pretty excited=]

April 26, 2008
it was just soem local bands.
mine was good. i went to the mall and i bought a shirt and ice cream!

April 25, 2008
well thats good!=]

right now im getting ready to go to a show.
how was your day?

April 24, 2008
im good. how are you sunshine?

Toxic Trey
April 09, 2008
oh lol

sorry ;)

Toxic Trey
April 08, 2008
you should add me on myspace

March 28, 2008
me too! and i like the jelly fishh! shes a hottiee=]

March 27, 2008
ughh i hate being sickk!
today i watched finding nemoo=]

March 27, 2008
im good! how are youuu?

March 18, 2008
i'm good!
how're you!?

March 18, 2008
aww. i dont think im going anywhere for mine. my friend and her mom are driving to florida though and i might be going with them, but im not sure yet.

March 17, 2008
mine was good!
uhhh no=/ we dont have spring break for another 2 weeks! what about you??

March 17, 2008
it was really good, all the bands were amazingg. i wish i had mad talent!=]
how was your day?

March 15, 2008
nothingg. i just got home from this super lame dance. i left like an hour early! what are you doingg???

March 15, 2008
hmm yeahh i guess that is true!=]

March 13, 2008
ahha well you can come with me if you really want to!=]

March 12, 2008
some local bands and then i think my friends are playing at it too. im not sure yet though=]
and that suckss. i would kiss it to make it feel better but that would be just a tad bit akward=]

March 10, 2008
uhmm friday theres a showw that me and some people are going to and then saturday theres a dance thingy at school and then sunday i think im just chilling at my friendss. what about you???

March 06, 2008
not that much. im soo tired though! ill prob go to sleep soon!! what are you up tp?

March 06, 2008
im good!=] how are you sunshine?

February 27, 2008
its good. i slept ikn because i didnt have enough time to do all my homework last night. haha so uim just going to go for the last 2 blocks because i have art!=] how was yours???

The Creator
February 27, 2008
Very tired, but I need to keep my energy up, because I have a demo tomorrow night :(.rnxx

The Creator
February 26, 2008

February 25, 2008
OHHH I KNOW! im excited=]

February 25, 2008
=[ that suckss. i missed it last year! i was sad!!!

February 25, 2008
friday my friends band was playing at a battle of the bands thingyy. it was pretty good!=] what about you??

February 24, 2008
thank you love!=]

dominique (hearts you!)
February 24, 2008
ntm either
just chilling out
lazy sunday!

February 24, 2008
yes i did!=] i went to the malll!! how was yours?

dominique (hearts you!)
February 24, 2008
hey! :D rn what's up?

February 24, 2008
hmm nothing. im boredd=]rnandd i have school tomorrow=/

February 23, 2008
im pretty goood how are you?

February 09, 2008
shopping sounds like fun!

February 09, 2008
hmm tonight i have no idea whats going on and then tomorrow im going to my friends hockey game with some people.
what about you?

February 09, 2008
im alright.
how are you???

February 05, 2008
Im doing good

Im so happy this place isnt blocked at school!

February 04, 2008
it was mad fun!!! how was yours?!?

February 04, 2008
thats okay, they'll get over it!=]

February 04, 2008
Hey, how are you?

February 03, 2008
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