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 Erin Dadoly.

 Erin Dadoly.'s stats:
   Name: Erin Dadoly.
   Gender: Female
   Age:  Not Specified
   From: Downingtown, PA United States
   Last login: 11/15/08
   VegSpace Friends: 229
   Member since: 02/05/2008
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Personal Interests
Personal Website;;;
About meBass. Writing. Reading. Saving the World.
Favorite musicGive me any record; I will listen to it twice and learn to love it.
Favorite movies/tvI am not one for much television, but I do love That 70's Show. As for movies, I love horror movies from the late-20's thou the mid-80's, as well as documentaries.
Favorite booksI like Non-fiction mostly, as well as Autobiographical.
I've traveled toI have never been out of the Norteast Coast of the United States, except for Florida.
ClubsI work at the Downingtown School of Rock and help make young children into talented musicians. I am also an active Peta2 Street-Team Member.
Looking forfriendship, a good talk, and networking.

Professional Info
Position/TitleFront Desk and Misc.
CompanyDowningtown School of Rock
IndustryPerforming Arts
 Erin Dadoly.'s latest blog entries:

  MARS CANDY KILLS - [ 02/06/2008 ]


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 Erin Dadoly.'s info:

About Me
This is Erin Dadoly's site. She is fifteen years exsisted; since November 4th, 1992. She wants to meet people, so add her and talk.
    Erin digs music, to say the least. She will listen to anything, and that is no exageration. She will listen to your music, your brother's music, your little sister's music your mum's music, your dad's music, your grandma's music, etc. She loves finding out about new bands. She will probably steal your music; she does that to her older sister. Erin's iPod is one of the most confused iPods in the world. Erin has been playing bass for two years and is in a band with no name at the moment, but that doesn't matter, we are going to be famous.
Erin is bisexual. This is not because she is overly sexual and knows that guys find it hot when girls dig other girls, but it is because she knows that it is possible for her to fall in love with anyone. She knows that being straight, or even being gay, is prejudice, because there is no reason to restrict your love to someone because of what is in their pants. Love is more than just a sexual realtionship; and bisexuality is about love.
    Erin is against all types of murder. She is a strict vegetarian (no meat, fish, eggs or milk for the last two years) because she sees understands that humans are animals and they deserve the same rights and respect as each other. She is pro-life because she knows that after the heart beats twice, the child is alive, and we should not choose it's life or death for it. She is against all types of war because she knows that it can be ended with negotiation and not with bloodspill. Erin is against the death penalty because she knows that it is stupid to kill people who kill people, because that does not show that killing people is wrong.
Erin does not watch much television, unless it is on OnDemand. She usually would rather watch a movie. She digs older horror films and documentaries. She also loves to read. She used to read the typical book where a girl has a problem with herself, and suffers, but then it gets all better, but lately, she has been reading biographical and autobiographical books on bands she likes. She finds that she likes fact more than fiction.
    She has a boyfriend too. He is the greatest thing to happen to her in many, many years. They met on June 2nd, 2007 at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, and they went on their first date on June 9th, 2007. They connected immediately on a level never reached with anyone she had ever met before. She always talks about how gorgeous he is on the inside and out, and how wonderful of a person he really is. He makes her feel complete for the first time ever. They stand for the same things, and that really has helped them through any hard times that they have had in their relationship(which is not many at all).She realized that she can not put into words what she feels for him, but she knows that, though she is so young, she is truely in love with him; not in that stupid middle school way either, she really does love him. His name is Brandon Jorge Lopez, and she will be with him forever.
There isn't much more to know about Erin. She has found that she knows a lot of people, but only trusts a few; that is fine with her though. Her friends live far away from her, which somehow works out. She is a freshman at a school that she does not like all too much. She is a generally possitive and happy person, and has nothing much to complain about in her life. She is online quite a bit, but that is because she is working with online organizations to save things. Her screen name is Look Dad No Head. She likes to shop at Goodwill and people always compliment her on looking like a slob; she never understood that. She does not like to talk on the phone. Erin has a horrible memory and forgets things all the time. She has a certain walk, because she always has a song in her head; she can't help it.
    Erin wrote this whole "About Me" in third person. and still does not understand why.

I would like to meet
I like people, so anyone will do.


Downingtown East High School

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November 14, 2011

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September 29, 2011

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September 14, 2011

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Edward. . . . aussie 13
December 25, 2008
December 25, 2008
here we go again lol i was going to tell you MERRY CHRISTMAS. But i see you mite not see this till march of 2009 lol don't leave us come on back tword the light. . . of rite. i hope you make it back to the site before the new year.
your bro
Edward J. Goins

Celita [vegantastic]
July 25, 2008
have a great weekend!

<3 celita

Deleted Profile
June 26, 2008
i rarely ever come on here, so sry took forever to respond back. lol

anyways.. its really hot where i live. ugh.
lets see what else?
hows life for you? lol

attack of the killer tomatoes
June 12, 2008
thankies for the comment. You are a sweet person ;)

Deleted Profile
June 05, 2008
well im typing this. lol actually im pretty much doing nothing right now. There's not really a lot to do where i live. I was gonna take my sister to the ice cream place on Penn Ave. cuz today was her last day of school but they're closed o well! :)

Deleted Profile
June 05, 2008
sounds cool.
so hows life?
ive been bored. im on vacation for like 3 months and ive already run out of things to do. haha.

Deleted Profile
June 04, 2008

...your boss....
giving you piano lessons? :D
dam thats crazy.

me just chillin @ home.
listeing to music & drinking frozen water ehhe.

Deleted Profile
June 02, 2008
hey! :D

whats up

Deleted Profile
June 01, 2008
how are you??

Deleted Profile
June 01, 2008
hey! wats up?

June 01, 2008
thnks for the add :]

Deleted Profile
May 25, 2008
yap, thats not easy. good work! haha ;)

Deleted Profile
May 24, 2008
im doing totally great!^^ you converted someone to vegan?

Deleted Profile
May 18, 2008
hey, how is life?^^

May 11, 2008
Hello :]

Jade Elizabeth
May 11, 2008
not well, went out last night im paying the price now =[ i like your profile picture =] xo

Jade Elizabeth
May 11, 2008
hey gorgeous thanks for the add! how is your weekend going? xo

Deleted Profile
May 04, 2008
Hey tar for the add =]
How are you?

April 25, 2008
so... what's the reason for writing your about me in a third person narrative?

Deleted Profile
April 17, 2008
yeah. i concure.

i listen to everything. but ill give u a few of my favs.
fair to midland
the mars volta
the chili peppers
five iron frenzy
minus the bear
into eternity

just a few.
whom are some of ur favs?

Deleted Profile
April 17, 2008
i guess it all depends on where you wanna go with your music. but i do see where your coming from. good point.

April 16, 2008
hey, I'm Ana. Nice to mee~t you.

Deleted Profile
April 16, 2008
hum good topic.
i hate when people download music.

whats your stand on that? i posted a blog not long back. im gonna see if i can find it. and send it to ya.

April 14, 2008
heyy, what's goin on?

Celita [vegantastic]
April 14, 2008
Have a super day!

Deleted Profile
April 14, 2008
lets talk music

April 13, 2008
sweet nothing for me being bored blahh lol

April 13, 2008
kablahh how arey ou

April 12, 2008
hi friend. :)

Deleted Profile
April 09, 2008
Hey, how are you doing? Me, just happy to see spring and a bit of sun. lol. Later

earth muffin☮
April 05, 2008
hello there, thanks for the add, I'm Nat. :]

sami. =).
April 02, 2008

Keshia Dolce
March 30, 2008
Thanks for the add, Keep in touch!
xox Keshia Dolce

March 24, 2008
Yeah I tried playing my friends drum set, its really hard to get used to :S

March 23, 2008
Yeah Toots is amazing, Ive seen them live 3 times. Awesome every time. Why thank you :) No I dont play anything... yet. I want to learn guitar this summer! You play anything?

March 23, 2008
Yeah, even though reggae is my favorite(Do you know Toots and the Maytals??), but I also like classic rock, some modern, metal(the various genres heavy, speed, power, death, but not black), some hip hop(but not that crap on the radio), various kinds of techno (drum n bass, trance, jungle), and some bluegrass and just a few country artists. My favorite artist would have to be Toots and the Maytals though.

March 22, 2008
Thanks! :)
What kind of music do you like? Well I guess it says anything, but what are your favorites?
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