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   Age:  23 years old
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July 11, 2010
Hey! My name is Davin,little dude from Tennessee;p
but fo real,text me sometime:)


March 24, 2010
Yeah mad tired but good. It's 1am but I gotta leave for police college later today so I'm trying to pack.

March 24, 2010
Hey how's it going, thanks for the add.

January 13, 2010
Oh my god,it was amazing!!!!!! Everything I was taught just came together:).
And the lady was a hairstylist,and loved it!!

So,what's going on??:)

January 09, 2010

I'm good,at school.
I go on the floor Wednesday!!! I think I already told you that,lol

January 08, 2010
Haha I know:). But we do text each other all the time:).

So,how's it going? Lol

January 08, 2010
Hey:). I never ever get on here and ithought I would and thought I'd say hey,haha

October 19, 2009
whatever im done. im going to be in Afghanistan in less than 3 months, and youre doing this now. i hope i get shot and fucking die. im sick of this fucking life and all the shit that comes with it. i dont give a fuck about anything or anyone anymore. do whatever the hell you want. i support your decision 100 percent.

October 19, 2009
just leave me the fuck alone.
im so sick of this shit.
i get home after not seeing you in a month and this is the first thing you need to bring up to me.
you know how i feel about him.
bullshit you dont want to fight.
im only here for a fucking week, you could have at least made it a little more enjoyable for me.
i miss you so much and i hate arguing, but this is just one of those things im not going to let go.
i really dont like him and hes not the right person for you at all.
i dont understand how you dont see where im coming from.
why do you continually make the same mistake?

October 19, 2009
are you fucking stupid?
the 'only reason i dont want you dating him is beacuse were not friends anymore?"
im pretty sure were not friends anymore because all the shit hes done to you, which he continues to make excuses for.
whatever im done with this, you know how i feel about the situation so im not going to fight over it. just stop bringing it up to me and when he fucks you over im not going to hear a word about it.
hes a shitty person and an even shittier boy friend.
your making a huge mistake.

October 19, 2009
well youve already made up your mind.
you and i both know youll forgive him, you always do.
hes an asshole and the only thing holding me back from fucking tearing him apart is knowing that you would never speak to me again.
its not like this has only happened once.
and he always apologizes, so what makes you think this is different from all the other times?
im sick of him hurting you, its shitty and you deserve way better.

August 05, 2009
hola seniorita!

Mary Melancholy
May 22, 2009
no problem hun :D

Mary Melancholy
May 15, 2009
awesome love your new pic by the way!!!

Mary Melancholy
May 09, 2009
thats cool..i hope panama was fun :D

May 03, 2009

Mary Melancholy
April 18, 2009
yeah i guess thats a plus...has it gotten any warmer there yet?

April 15, 2009
COME BACK, i miss you:[

rach is to die for
April 10, 2009

hey dear thnx for joining my "WE LOVE THE MAINE" group ahah

March 27, 2009
hey! im ajae, getting prepared to move to austin :P. what are you up to?

Mary Melancholy
March 26, 2009
no hun.
you do not want to move here haha its terrible everyone is rude or stupid lol

Deleted Profile
March 25, 2009
doing great right now babe :) thanx for asking ... i'll maybe moving to another city .. i say maybe becouse i need to check if it could be good for me or not :)

what about ya mija? todo bien?

Zoey-Lynn. <3
March 25, 2009
Haha that seems super fun.

Zoey-Lynn. <3
March 25, 2009
Oh it was all right.
Two of my best friends are fighting and putting me in the middle.
But it was good.
How was your day?
P.s. I think your pic is so pretty.

Zoey-Lynn. <3
March 25, 2009

Nothing much,
How about you?

Deleted Profile
March 24, 2009
hahaha it sounds nice .. i think i'll read that skinny bitch book someday


Deleted Profile
March 23, 2009
it's like girle :)

skinny bitch? what's that ? a book? XD

have a good one mija

Deleted Profile
March 23, 2009
what r ya reading washita?

Mary Melancholy
March 22, 2009
it neva snows here but i guess thats a good thing :) i hope it get warmer there so you don't have to freeze to death

March 22, 2009
i love you too pooper=P

Deleted Profile
March 20, 2009
i'm doing great right now

what about you mija?

Mary Melancholy
March 19, 2009
wow ur far haha no wonder our weather is so from alabama

Mary Melancholy
March 19, 2009
where r u from? its been in the 70s here

Deleted Profile
March 18, 2009
hey girl :)

Mary Melancholy
March 14, 2009
well its kinda sucked because its been raining and im sleepy :(

Mary Melancholy
March 12, 2009
so how was ur day today?

Mary Melancholy
March 06, 2009
well your friend is r u :D

March 03, 2009
Hah, thanks!
I got it at Spencer's Gifts it was like $15, really goooddd.

Mary Melancholy
February 26, 2009
yeah i know.....ur like so goregeous i may have already told you that before but i thought i would tell you again and i also love the little story on you pro its cute!!!!!

February 25, 2009
your right, your page is great!!

Mary Melancholy
February 24, 2009
ah.....lucky hoe we dont get one :(

Mary Melancholy
February 18, 2009
that is awesome......why were you off for a week?

February 18, 2009
haha! Your so crazy! Oh, and about the pic comment, I am on that:). I did not even realise that my photos were all stretched and weird:/. alright, well text me foo!!

February 18, 2009
haha! Your so crazy! Oh, and about the pic comment, I am on that:). I did not even realise that my photos were all stretched and weird:/. alright, well text me foo!!

Mary Melancholy
February 14, 2009
im know you are really pretty :)

January 30, 2009
hey how are you
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