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 Bee's stats:
   Name: Bee
   Gender: Female
   Age:  20 years old
   From: Not Specified
   Last login: 03/12/10
   VegSpace Friends: 11
   Member since: 03/29/2008
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Personal Interests
Personal Website
About meLocal shows, animal rights activism, domestic violence activism, veganism, music, Harvard, Psychology
Favorite musicAvenged Sevenfold, Radiation Year, Good Charlotte, The Used, Mayday Parade, Britney Spears, Atreyu, The Pussycat Dolls, Fall Out Boy, Eminem, Sparks the Rescue, The Killing Moon, and many many more.
Favorite movies/tvGilmore Girls, America's Next Top Model, South Park, Family Guy
Favorite booksFast Food Nation, Skinny Bitch, The Jungle, The Harry Potter series, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
I've traveled toNew Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Virginia

Professional Info
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 Bee's info:

About Me
My name is Kristin, but you can call me Bee. I'm a freshman in high school in a shitty little town in Maine, and I'm taking all honors classes, so I'm not online as much as I'd like to be, but I don't really care anymore. I'm not as entertained by the internet as I used to be. I love, love, love going to local shows around here, and I love Radiation Year. Don't know who they are? Look up the song "Bordello Rotten" by Radiation Year on Youtube, and it will be love at first listen, I promise you. I'm also in love with Avenged Sevenfold, whom I recently saw live for the first time on March 18, 2008. It was the best day of my life. Anyways, I also like reading, writing, and school. I love school, with the exception of a few classes, but it's to be expected, right? English is my favorite class. I plan on going to Harvard, and graduating as a psychologist. On a different note, I used to be straight, but then I met this amazing girl named Jennifer Jean Halstead, whom I've been with since December 1, 2007, and I realized that if you love someone, it shouldn't matter what kind of genitals that person has.

I became vegetarian on February 28, 2006 and vegan on February 28, 2008. I first became vegetarian because I saw some videos where animals were being abused, and the blood spewing everywhere reminded me of this one time when my dad skinned a deer in our driveway, and I could no longer eat meat without gagging. Not too much later, I realized what kind of abuse animals go through every day at factory farms and I began advocating for them. I've only been to one KFC demo, but I plan on participating in many more when it starts getting warmer outside. I became vegan about a month ago because Jenny (who's also vegetarian, by the way) became lactose intolerant, so I became vegan with her. I'd always planned on going vegan eventually, but it just seemed like as good a time as any, you know? I thought it would be hard, but it's actually quite easy.

If you don't agree with me on anything I've said here, then don't talk to me, I really don't care. Send me hatemail if you'd like, but seriously, fighting over the internet is like being in the special olympics: even if you win, you're still retarded. =] I love meeting intelligent people, so let's chat =]

P.S. I realize that I got a little carried away with this section, so if you read all the way down to here, thank you =P

By the way, I'm on myspace a lot more often than this site, so add me here.

I would like to meet
Interesting, intelligent people

We sell drugs in, Maine

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Erin Dadoly.


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June 16, 2008
hmmm. Nothing reallyy

June 08, 2008
hey. what's up? im Kara. :]

June 06, 2008
oh i did that one last year and got a 98.
its all in the reference table

June 06, 2008
me eitherr! 6 more days! and then exams=/

June 06, 2008
mmm what kind???

i just got home too! its hot and im tired!!!!

June 06, 2008
haha yeah i like them too!

so whats up?

June 02, 2008
i went for bullet for my valentine and atryu but i like avenged sevenfold too!

June 02, 2008
hey (:
im good.
how're you?

May 28, 2008
(: howdday!

May 28, 2008
thats good because i wasnt planning on smileing!=P

May 27, 2008
not me.
i have a disease that makes it so my mouth muscles dont fubction properly.
its impossible for me to smile.

May 27, 2008
i dont smile!

April 19, 2008
im good. how are you?

Puddin Tater
April 02, 2008
i work for the commonwealth of KY.

Puddin Tater
March 31, 2008
im just jamming rap music before i go to work.

Deleted Profile
March 30, 2008
how are you?

Puddin Tater
March 30, 2008
i bet andrew is hot. lol
im doing good what about you.
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