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 i love meat substitutes...

 i love meat substitutes...'s stats:
   Name: i love meat substitutes...
   Gender: Female
   Age:  -33 years old
   From: Bermuda
   Last login: 04/30/09
   VegSpace Friends: 4
   Member since: 01/30/2009
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About Me
I am a complete moomin... and im not a vegitation

I would like to meet
many spacemen all at once

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rach is to die for


I Love Meat 2


Vegetable Lover

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June 01, 2011
Its riot of rudeness on this website with all of you Le tigre fans I can't beat you out of my buffaloe exchange points. One day they will imortalize britney spears on the top of rhodes today it will be you or me I can't remmeber who the wobler subsitute was its probably you its always you biggie smalles

go meat
September 06, 2009

rach is to die for
August 12, 2009
wow people are insane ... first off its a vegie burger and second... half of u idots who insanly racist BTW! are only veg. or vegan because its the "scene" thing to do these days u all prolly secretly eat meat when ur "scene" friends arent around.. so ur prolly all thinking well same to u but actually no.. i was born and raised my parents are both crazy vegans.. NEVER eaten meat in my life and im pretty proud to say that actually.. so no i dont just do it because its the cool thing to do.. i actually do it because i love animals and im blessed with parents who think the same thing.. so all u little racist little wanna-be's can go and eat ur vegies while ur white trash parents sit with u and eat ur so called "friends" LOL! .. you no what ive learned from being raised this way is just because someone doesnt agree with what u fully believe in doesnt mean u have to hate on them... because if thats how i was then i wouldnt have like any friends consedering like 3 of my friends are veg. .. stop being immature srsly.

and another thing is i love how u all run ur mouths on here some site that no one really gives a damn about because ur just that pathetic .. u cant even run ur mouths on like myspace.. at least come on now...

AND BTW !!!!! this isnt for everone im not a Bitch but when i read some the extremly racist comments that some of theses fuck tards had to say i personally felt hurt and im not even of that race... but i love how half these people would prolly say "oh im not racist at all" but when they get angry thats the first thing they have to say rude comments about WOW !

so get lifes.. and srsly. stop running ur mouths LOL

and to anyone else just because someone lets u down because ur not like them dont listen to them be urself, lifes to short to be someone ur not:]

bye bye now .. rach

Miss Meggz
August 03, 2009
I agree with everyone else below me. We didn't force you to live our lifestyle. Our dietary preference was OUR decision. It's OUR life. But who the HELL do you think YOU are coming onto a veg website, and making fun of us???? Would you like it if we went onto every other social networking website and made faux profiles of all the animals being slaughtered and tortured you could eat your "delicious" meat??? Go to hell you cunt...

...sitting in a puddle waiting for the rain to come...
March 26, 2009
is that seriously a veggie burger! dude thats amazing!!!!!

March 12, 2009
Okay..Okay! I'm really sorry about my last comment. I didn't mean too.

March 11, 2009
Uhhh.....I'm just wondering, why do you have a VEGspace account if your a meat eater?

Vegetable Lover
March 03, 2009
DoCmd.Close acForm, "Main Menu"

March 02, 2009
You seem like the type who'd want to put a lot of meat in your mouth.

~Shannon Marie~
March 01, 2009
The fact that you eat meat is besides the point & doesn't exactly make you an asshole. But since you spitefully added yourself to this vegspace to get a rise out of a few compassionate people does make you an asshole. So laugh it up, bitch!!

February 27, 2009
i'm sorry,
for that comment down there,
i didn't mean it,
hope you'll for give me.

February 27, 2009
your an ignorrant loser,
get a life.
do you see your default picture,
that's what meat does to you MAKES YOU OVERWEIGHT. . . . . . .
take that.

Vegetable Lover
February 27, 2009
why is everyone discriminating against you just because you choose to eat dead animals?
i believe that they should all take a good long look at themselves and feel ashamed.

freedom of expression!

I Love Meat 2
February 27, 2009
Keep the meat proud son!!!!!! hell yeah!!! Meat forever!!! xxxxx

i love meat substitutes...
February 27, 2009
dahhhhhhhhh im so ashamed of my self...

"just David"
February 02, 2009
Yeah! You're an asshole!

Keith[☮vegetarian <3]
February 01, 2009
You need to get a life.

February 01, 2009
I don't understand your reasoning for making an account on a veg*n website when you eat meat. I dont understand why you would spend your time doing that. Why, come to this website and say you wouldn't want to meet any people like us? pointles all the way through

♥ Pete Wisdom
January 31, 2009

I'm not going to be like the the others here..

But really? You actually took the time to make a profile because you thought it was... funny?


<3 Pete

January 31, 2009
"About Me
I am a complete twat... and im not a vegi."

ha. enough said!

Blake XVX
January 31, 2009
i don't understand why there is people
in the world like you that have to come to our community sites and make profiles
for no reason other then to annoy and bother us.

what the fuck did we do for you to want to do such a thing? we don't force you to choose
our lifestyle, so why must you make fun of us? and tell us how much you love eating animals?

"just David"
January 30, 2009
You suck! Who are you?
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