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VegSpace Recipe Exchange > Burritos, etc. > Vegan Enchilada Bake
 Vegan Enchilada Bake
Posted By:


On 04/11/2008
 Recipe Description:
A simplified veggie version of the original.

Corn tortillas, vegan beef crumbles, one onion(chopped finely), one jalapeno(or other small pepper) chopped finally, garlic, olive oil, canned enchilada sauce.

Recipe Instructions:

Heat nearly an inch of oil in a skillet. Once very hot, briefly fry the corn tortillas until they become pliable(NOT CRUNCHY!!). Place the tortillas on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. In a seperate pan, fry the onions, jalapeno and beef crumbles until the crumbles are hot and the onions are starting to soften. Take a glass casserole dish(or metal pan){9x13 and lay down }and make a layer of tortillas, then beef filling, then some enchilada sauce. Do this until the pan is full. If there is any sauce left pour the all the leftover sauce on the enchilada. Bake on 350 until it's heated through and the sauce bubbles.

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